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Privacy Policy and Notices

Privacy Policy

This is our global Privacy Policy. It describes how we collect, use and secure personal information and your rights and choices in relation to the information we collect. It applies to all individuals in each jurisdiction where we operate and includes specific information for individuals located in Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, California and the United States, Canada, the UK and Europe.


Cookie Policy

This is our Cookie Policy. It describes the type of cookies and similar tracking technologies or software (‘Cookies’) that we use across our platform and website. It describes how we use the information collected by Cookies to provide our services and your choices in relation to Cookies.



See how we manages the LiveHire security program.

Security Statement

Our Security Statement outlines the technical, administrate and organisational measures we take to protect personal and non-personal information; including network security, physical security and encryption.


General Data Protection Regulation Statement

It’s important to keep ahead of privacy laws reforms. Our General Data Protection Regulation Statement describes our approach to complying with complex global privacy laws and provides important information about how we have prepared to meet the challenges of GDPR.