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The market leader in candidate tracking software

Candidate Tracking System

In today’s wide world of talent, the best employers recognise their candidate tracking system needs to treat candidates like their customers. Today less than 25% of jobs are filled through job advertising, 75% are through a multitude of sources, wherever talent happen to be. Your candidate tracking software must be able to help you identify, invite, curate and maintain a human to human relationship with your potential future workforce before a vacancy becomes available.

All the while saving your recruitment team time.

The good news is with the right candidate tracking system, it’s easy to turn your recruitment process from reactive (sourcing and screening applicants after a vacancy is opened), to proactive hiring. Attracting and pre-building talent pools of people perfect for every role, keeping candidate data fresh and live without you having to do it yourself, and predicting for you who in your talent pools are most available, as soon as you have a vacant position. That’s talent on demand, helping you consistently lower your average time to hire across all your roles.

The modern term for candidate tracking systems is a Talent Community, and building one to optimal size is easier than you might think. Start your Talent Community today for free with LiveHire.

Justin Prince
“Adopting LiveHire has enabled us to take a more proactive approach to talent acquisition, differentiating our employee value proposition by delivering an improved candidate experience and better meeting the pressing business need for talent-on-demand.”

Justin Prince, GM of Human Resource

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