Deliver a powerful first impression for employees


Transform your new hire experience and improve efficiency and compliance with digital onboarding.

Engage new starters from day one

Branded Onboarding Experience

Engage new starters from day one

Tailor the onboarding experience to meet the unique needs of each new hire.

Create personalised onboarding paths based on job roles, departments, or specific employee requirements

Built for today's workforce, delivering seamless experiences at the right time, on the right device, with the right message

Combine all the elements you need, including induction training, video’s and specialised forms in the onboarding experience

Have all the essentials prepared by assigning complex tasks to internal teams like IT, Payroll & Security

Automate Employment Contracts

Dynamic Contract Builder

Automate Employment Contracts

Streamline the onboarding process with our powerful contract automation and workflow capabilities.

Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements effortlessly

LiveOnboard automates the collection of necessary forms and information whilst tracking progress

Reduce compliance risk and errors with automated processes

Forms and policies are digitally agreed before the onboarding process can be completed

To be successful in TA these days, recruiters need to be ahead of the game and deliver an exceptional candidate experience. Partnering with LiveHire helps us do this.
Gray Wilson — Talent Acquisition and Employee Experience Manager

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Fast track the offer process

Custom Automated Workflows

Fast track the offer process

Powerful customisable workflows accelerate the contract creation process.

Automated workflows allow you to scale the onboarding process for new hires and contract variations

Automatically notify all stakeholders (internal and external) about the new starter to ensure all equipment and facilities are ready for day one

Ensure all new starters follow the same steps when onboarding with standardised workflows

Multiple letters of offer are stored in the system and can be easily customised for a candidate

Streamline communication

SMS Notifications and Alerts

Streamline communication

Enhance communication between HR teams and new hires with LiveOnboard.

Automated text and emails direct new starters to their secure onboarding portal

Keep candidates engaged prior to their start date with regular communication that lets them know what to expect

New starters receive their employment contract electronically and accept with a digital signature using mobile PIN security on a mobile device

Keep internal teams aligned and ensure nothing is overlooked with automated tasks

Since implementing LiveHire I have literally doubled my productivity all while improving my candidate experience process. The efficiencies are abundant. The CRM in itself is easy to use and effective. The analytics are invaluable to interpret trends and educate my clients about demographics market expectations.
Susan Leon — Director | Recruitment Consultant

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Reduce compliance risks

Compliance and Security

Reduce compliance risks

All contracts created can easily be reviewed and approved before shared and digitally accepted by the new employee.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Detailed user audit trail

One-click export of completed documents

Auto-redact candidate data for additional security

Save time and accelerate onboarding

Integrate to HRIS and Payroll

Save time and accelerate onboarding

Tight integration with your HRIS and/or payroll system will save time and eliminate errors.

Reduce the risk of manual data entry errors in your HRIS and/or Payroll system

Improve your productivity and streamline workflows between systems with our advanced and easy integrations

Tight integration enables a single source of truth for all employee data

LiveHire solutions are loved by companies worldwide

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Having active Talent Pools has increased our speed to market and decreased our time to hire.

After seeing LiveHire’s significant technology advantage of federated candidate profiles and native SMS we quickly made the bold decision to go all in and use LiveHire for all our clients and candidates.

LiveHire has made my job much more enjoyable. It allows me to be much more interactive with applicants as well as the ability to search for a suitable candidate myself.

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