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General Data Protection Regulation

LiveHire was founded in 2011 on our core belief that people, and in particular candidates, always have control and transparency over their own information and how it is used. As a LiveHire user you have control over your own profile, the accuracy of your data, and the employers it is shared with. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) contains the most significant changes to European data privacy legislation in the past 20 years. It is specifically designed to give individuals based in or resident in the European Union (EU) more control over their data and it seeks to unify multiple existing privacy and security laws under one comprehensive law.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is Europe’s framework for data protection laws. The Data Protection Act 2018 (UK DPA) is the UK’s implementation of the GDPR.  The GDPR gives individuals based in or resident in the EU more control over how organisations collect, process, store, and share their personal data. The UK DPA does the same for individuals based in or resident in the UK. These laws require organisations to undertake certain steps to ensure they are adequately protecting the personal data they collect or otherwise process, and mandates that companies protect and uphold privacy rights when the personal data of individuals based in the EU or UK is collected and stored. They aim to make data protection regulations more relevant, comprehensive, and unified.

On this page references to GDPR include the UK DPA.

Key principles of GDPR

  • Transparent information handling practices
  • Enhanced Individual Rights such as the following:
    • Right to access: The right for individuals to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them is being processed, where, and for what reason.
    • Right to rectify inaccurate data: The individual has the right to request correction of inaccurate personal data.
    • Right to be forgotten: The right for individuals to request erasure of their personal data, cease further dissemination of the data.
    • Right to block the processing of personal data: The right for individuals to request to restrict or suppress the processing of personal data, also from third parties.
    • Right to data portability: The right for individuals to receive the personal data concerning them, which they have previously provided.

What is LiveHire doing about GDPR?

The principles of transparency and user control in the GDPR align with the privacy principles LiveHire has always believed in. When you share your personal data with us, we treat it with care and recognise our responsibility to protect your data. We have directed efforts towards the following initiatives:

  • Updating our Privacy Policy in line with GDPR to simplify language about how we collect, store, use, share and secure personal data and identifying the legal basis for processing that data
  • Ensuring, at the point of collection, that individuals understand why and how we will use their personal data and who we might share it with
  • Providing clear mechanisms for opting-out of electronic communications
  • Drafting contractual obligations and carrying out due diligence procedures to ensure that third parties processing personal data on our behalf understand and meet privacy and security obligations
  • Carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments on any new processes involving the collection, processing or sharing of personal data
  • Updating our Cookie Policy
  • Improving the rigorous security measures we use to protect your information
  • Improving our breach procedures ensure that we have safeguards and measures in place to identify, assess, investigate and report any personal data breach at the earliest possible time
  • Updating our personal data retention policy and backup retention policy to ensure that personal data is not retained for longer than reasonably required
  • Ensuring our access, correction and deletion procedures comply with required time frames for actioning requests

Who can I contact with questions regarding GDPR?

For more information, please contact our Privacy Offier at:

LiveHire Ltd Level 10/461 Bourke St Melbourne, VIC 3000

Email: privacy@livehire.com

More Resources

LiveHire is committed to the success of our users and customers, and the protection of customer data. For more information please visit our Privacy, Cookie and Security pages (links below). Privacy Policy – https://www.livehire.com/transparency/privacy Cookie Policy – https://www.livehire.com/transparency/cookies Security statement – https://www.livehire.com/security