The market leader in Talent Communities

Shorten your time to hire with a Talent Community.

The market leader in Talent Communities

Talent Communities

Have you heard how Talent Communities can transform your organisation?

LiveHire are the Market Leader in Talent Communities.

Get a step ahead and proactively source talent to a Talent Community of quality talent.

Reduce your time to hire, cost of hire, and increase your productivity by sourcing to your Talent Community before roles even become available.

Tired of relying on outdated Excel spreadsheets with stale data? Are you spending too much time on the admin side of life, rather than spending your time productively?

It’s time to start proactively sourcing to your Talent Community.

When a candidate joins your Talent Community, they are expressing an interest in your organisation. It may be your employer branding that attracted them in the first place.

You may not have a specific role available to the candidate at that point in time, but you are able to Talent Pool the candidate in a way that reflects their skills and experience.

Talent Pools are a good way to engage with your talent and to let them know that you’re interested in them, even if there’s no set role for them.

Talent Pooling is a way of also showing a candidate that you’ve taken the time to read their profile, therefore improving the candidate experience.

When a candidate is talent pooled, even if they aren’t successful in the role in the future, you’ve eliminated the negativity around the candidate experience.

As a platform, LiveHire puts power into the hands of the individuals. It empowers the candidate to have control over their data and profile, meaning they are able to update it with whatever skills and experience they develop over the course of their career.

You can start proactively  sourcing qualified and relevant candidates today to your Talent Community.

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