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The market leader in recruiting database software

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If you are like most recruitment teams, your recruiting database software will be slow, difficult to search, and almost impossible for candidates to update their own data and availability.

This is an issue if you are trying to move your team from reactive recruitment and long time-to-hire (sourcing and screening applicants every time a new vacancy is opened) to proactive recruitment and short time-to-hire, where you have curated pools of qualified, interested and available talent on demand in your recruitment database for every new vacancy opened.

Traditional resume database software cannot compete with today’s more advanced Talent Community platforms, like LiveHire, which place the candidate experience at the center, rather than the job vacancy. In a world where the best talent now demand to be treated like customers, older recruitment database software can be unknowingly damaging your talent brand in the market through poor candidate experience.

Your existing recruitment databases would contain thousands if not hundreds of thousands of exceptional talent that have applied in the past. Talent that now has several more years of experience in their careers, and in many cases weren’t even reviewed amongst the sheer volume of applicants to your previously advertised jobs.

The good news is with a LiveHire Talent Community; you can quickly and easily convert that stale resume database into a Talent Community of invited people that are interested in your brand, qualified for your roles, and available for future opportunities. All without a single piece of data entry from your recruitment team.

The talent that accepts your invite create a LiveHire profile themselves in minutes or use their existing LiveHire profile to join your Talent Community with one click, creating a private connection to you, and a communication channel for future opportunities.

Make the switch from your old recruiting database software today, and join the leading brands with a proactive approach to recruitment with a LiveHire Talent Community. Enquire about our simple resume database refreshing service to kick start your Talent Community and unlock the valuable candidates hidden in your current recruitment database.

Justin Prince
“Adopting LiveHire has enabled us to take a more proactive approach to talent acquisition, differentiating our employee value proposition by delivering an improved candidate experience and better meeting the pressing business need for talent-on-demand.”

Justin Prince, GM of Human Resource

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