How LiveHire is improving quality of hire with an on-platform reference checking integration.

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Feb 11, 2019

The journey to find ideal candidates that are a great fit for your business can seem like a long, tedious process at times. It’s not uncommon for ‘blockers’ to appear throughout any recruitment process, be it, a long interview process or poor quality in your candidate funnel.

LiveHire’s technology was created to assist recruitment teams in removing blockers that prevent them from finding and hiring, great talent at speed by automating manual processes.

One particular blocker that was identified is the Reference Checking Process.

Reference Checking is a great way to validate your own experience and impression of a candidate and is a necessary part of your due diligence before hiring a new employee. You’ll understand more about the candidate in a more objective way, and it helps you and your team to better understand if they are the right fit for your organisation.

The reality of reference checking, however, involves a game of phone tag between the referees and your recruitment team. Valuable time is often lost as a result. Lack of consistency in the process is also an issue faced by many recruitment teams, as the urgency to hire often outweighs the Reference Checking process.

LiveHire helps you hire confidently while optimising for speed. Hiring Managers will have greater confidence in the process as the LiveHire platform ensures consistency and promotes operational excellence. By automating the process, LiveHire removes the need for manual work.

By integrating with SkillSurvey, LiveHire users will be given the ability to request reference-checks from candidates via the platform, with the candidate adding referee details directly into the system so that SkillSurvey can pick them up.

This eliminates the need for recruitment teams to individually call all references, whilst creating a consistent process among all prospective employees.

This integration will recruitment teams to gain independent insights about a candidate’s previous on-the-job performance, improve quality of hire and get valuable time back into their day.

Want to implement the LiveHire SkillSurvey integration? Simply notify your CSM that you want to opt in or request a demo to learn how LiveHire can automate your recruitment process.


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