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5 steps for transforming your recruitment process to increase productivity.

Want to increase productivity in your recruitment process? Here are five simple steps for transforming your process.

1. Ditch the excel spreadsheets of talent for an HR Tech solution

Tired of manually filling out that excel spreadsheet, only have your data to go stale in a matter of days?

A tech solution will mean you can manage your talent in an efficient and effective way. By eliminating the admin burden, your user experience will be far superior, and your productivity gains will be unrivaled.

Imagine having time to do, well, more!

2. Get personal in your communication with candidates 

Is writing “Hi <FirstName>” as personal as you get?

You’re not fooling anyone! Candidates know when communication is genuine, and authentic communication is the only way to form real, long-lasting relationships. You want loyal employees, don’t you?

By building an authentic relationship and getting personal with candidates, you’ll breed loyal employees, and, therefore, increase productivity as time goes on.

3. Choose a HR Tech platform that empowers your candidates

A negative application experience can scare away your talent- up to 40% in some cases!

Stop allowing candidates to fall at the first hurdle and empower the flow of talent into your organisation.

Pick a HR system that delights your candidates and the talent that express an interest in your company might just surprise you.

4. Stop with the generic job ads and show off your employer brand

When it comes to Marketing, we know how important it is to stand out in the crowd. This same rule should be applied for Recruitment; organisations need to show their employment branding when attempting to attract future employees.

No matter how well you write your text-based ads, telling never has the same appeal as showing. By transitioning to an HR tech solution, you’ll have the ability to fill your career pages not only with images, but with videos too and really show off your employer brand.

By having your employer branding front and center of a job ad you’ll not only attract more candidates, but you’ll attract better quality candidates who feel a real connection to your organisation.

5. Get yourself a personalised career page

Not only do personalised career pages present yet another example of your employer branding, they can also serve as a great sourcing and conversion tool.

Candidates are much more inclined to explore the careers page of an organisation if it looks and feels like the product of the organisation.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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