How has Radisson Blu Plaza reduced their time to hire & speed of communication to candidates since implementing LiveHire?

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Nov 08, 2018

As the first hotel group to implement LiveHire, Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney set up their personalised Talent Community over a year ago to enable proactive sourcing and talent pooling and haven’t looked back.

Andrew Hecker, Director of Human Resources at Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney, says that since implementing LiveHire they have:

  1. Reached a wider pool of candidates
  2. Increased the amount of specific information they know about a candidate in advance
  3. Vastly improved the speed of communication to a candidate to a median time of 13 minutes via the messaging feature

Another key improvement that Andrew has seen since the implementation is improved visibility of available jobs internally on social media, and their ability to instantly engage with and capture unsolicited applicants.

Radisson Blu has managed to dramatically decrease their median days to hire from 37 to just 21 since implementation. Andrew credits part of this improvement to allowing access to departmental managers, or hiring managers, to see candidates as they apply 24/7 from any device, which helps to speed up the shortlisting process.

Andrew also credits the ongoing and working partnership between Radisson Blu and LiveHire as a factor in their recruitment success. By continually consulting them to see how the system can be improved, and then communicating these implementations back to Radisson Blu, the organisations are working together to make a more efficient system, whilst improving the recruitment process for both recruiters and candidates.

Andrew Hecker, Director of Human Resources at Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney, says:

“We’ve been very happy with the new technology LiveHire offers which allowed us to have our own unique branded way of engaging with our current and potential candidates. Not only have we improved the candidate experience, we have also streamlined the whole process internally as well and reduced our reliance upon external job boards and the associated costs. It’s a win-win.”

You can join the Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney’s Talent Community here.

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