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LiveHire Little Lifts: Recap 2

Little Improvements with Big Impact.

When you’re spending a lot of time in LiveHire, we know that little quality improvements can have a big impact. So throughout the year, our team takes time to gather feedback and observe users to build improvements that enhance your experience.

With hundreds of product improvements released each year, here are 10 Little Lifts the team recently released to boost productivity, simplify workflows and increase engagement. Watch the slideshow or read the blog below to find out more about the improvements to make your work easier.

1. Keyword Highlighting
In Talent Search, keyword filtering is now highlighted within the candidate’s latest CV, making it easier to scan. Saving recruiters an average of 20 seconds per profile view.

2. SMS Message Formatting
Admins can now hide the head and tail formatting of the SMS to only show the actual content, making it look more personalised.

3. Navigate to the previous or next candidate from the List or Talent Search
In Talent Search and List, when a candidate profile is viewed, you can easily go to the next or previous candidate without having to jump out of the profile. This reduces a click and scroll for a frequent task performed thousands of times a day.

4. SMS Compliance Formatting
The first SMS received by a candidate from your company is a compliance SMS. We now allow admins to change the wording of it so it fits with the tone of your brand.

5. Candidates can “clear” parsing with one-click
Candidates can now clear the parsing of their CV with one-click, so they spend less time fixing if there were mistakes.

6. Disabling SMS for particular message templates
By default, our platform sends both an SMS and email to get the best possible reach. Though in some cases, an email is enough. We now allow users to create message templates with the choice to disable SMS.

7. Infinite Scroll on Candidate’s Activity Feed
Understanding a candidate and their relationship with the company requires a good view of the activity log. We have made it easier by removing the “Load more” button and implementing an infinite load. Thus, reducing the number of clicks and making it quicker for you to get the context of the candidate.

8. Rename “Apply for this Job” to “I’m Interested”
In a candidate-tight market, we’ve renamed the “Apply for this Job” button to “I’m Interested” to encourage candidates to commence their application without having to fear that they have to complete it all in one go.

9. Self Serve SMS Opt-in settings
For companies using LiveHire in multiple countries, we now allow self-serve to configure SMS by country with granular settings offered to make it flexible.

10. Preselect job and talent pool when invite and assigning a candidate
When searching for a candidate to assign or invite, it now preselects the job or talent pool contextually by understanding where you are in the platform.

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