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LiveHire’s Little Lifts: Recap 1

Little Improvements with Big Impact.

When you’re spending a lot of time in LiveHire, we know that little quality improvements can have a big impact. So throughout the year, our team takes time to gather feedback and observe users to build improvements that enhance your experience.

With hundreds of product improvements released each year, here are 15 Little Lifts the team recently released to boost productivity, simplify workflows and increase engagement. Watch the slideshow or read the blog below to find out more about the improvements to make your work easier.

1. Filter by Recent Role Title
You are now able to search the role title specifically instead of doing a keyword search, which encompasses other parts of the candidate’s profile and CV.


2. View Profiles in New Tabs
You can now open candidates into a new browser tab. We have also increased the load time and improved performance by making the profile the main focus and removing background activities.

3. Deleting Profiles
You now have the ability to delete temporary profiles, keeping your Talent Community tidy and up-to-date. More to come in this space!

4. Personalised “From Name” in Emails
Previously the from name in emails to candidates was the “company name”. To make it feel authentic and personal, the from name is now using the recruiter’s name.

5. Email Preview Text
The preview text on emails now contains a snippet of the personalised message to give candidates more context and incentive to open the email.

6. Move Candidates Out of “Application Started”
Sometimes a great candidate comes along, but has not finished applying for the job. You now have the ability to reach out to them and move them in your hiring process even if they have yet completed the application so there is no hold-up to hiring that right person.

7. Added Phone and Location to Applicant List
We have added the phone and location to the applicant list view so recruiters can call candidates with one click. The added location will assist with those who have to deal with multiple time zones to ensure recruiters have context when to call based on the location.

8. Display Current Status in Status Change Modal
Our platform preselects the next candidate status when the user opens up the status change modal. To provide more context, we have surfaced the “current status” so users know the “to” and “from” to reduce mental mapping every time they change a status.

9. Removed Email Threading
Gmail automatically collapses similar content from emails in a single thread, which can hide important call to action buttons and messages. We have improved the emails so that all information is visible.

10. Bulk Tag Action on Applicant List
Recruiters can categorise applicants for future hiring from the job in bulk with tags! This makes it easier to search and filter members in your Talent Community for future roles.

11. Multi-Email Support
You are now able to store multiple emails addresses in a single candidate’s profile. If they are a temporary profile, you are able to set a primary email for that profile!

12. Application Started Email Delayed
We have reconfigured the “application started” emails to go out to candidates 60 minutes after starting the application, if they have not completed the application by then. This provides a simple reminder to candidates at the right time to apply for the role.

13. Contextual Page Titles
We now have contextual page titles on your browser tabs so there is no second guessing what each tab does or drilling back through the browser at lightning speed. More to come in this space, stay tuned!

14. Simplified General Chat Email
Our previous email formatting included the current and previous messages from users. Unfortunately, this resulted in candidates being confused when the old messages weren’t recent and pushed the respond button further down on the email. We have removed the noise from the email to ensure candidates see the newest and most relevant information front and centre.

15. Colour Coded Max Stage
We have colour coded the job stages to make it easy to identify where each job is sitting without needing to read the status.

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