Check-mate: LiveHire’s integration that is solving your reference checking woes

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Jul 31, 2019

Ask a hiring manager about the “blockers” they face – those frustrating delays that throw the brakes on the recruitment journey and increase the time-to-hire – and there’s a very good chance you will end up hearing about the reference checking process.

Reference checking is intuitively valuable, but the old-school system of phone-tag is anything but. In fact, a 2019 study1 found that 58% of hiring managers believe they have insufficient data to make hiring decisions, with the lack of reliable reference data feeding directly into this shortfall.

Safe to say, manual reference checking has proved to be both time-inefficient and inaccurate. But fear not. Through a new integration with Checkster2, LiveHire is putting reference checking back on the value map.


Reference requests

The manual route involves combing through CVs for numbers and individual requests for reference contacts. Checkster, on the other hand, affords LiveHire clients the option to request references from all candidates applying for a given position via the LiveHire platform.

Clients will also have the relevant information related to this request readily available on the platform, fully capable of seeing which candidates have provided full reference contacts.

The Checkster automation gives the power to the candidate to source their referees but also removes the burden from the recruiter to request contact information and chase for the reference.


Reference results

The fun doesn’t stop there. Hiring organisations are also significantly more likely to be in a position to discover genuine, authentic insight into a candidate’s job history and suitability when the process is made as seamless as it is by Checkster.

The value of the Checkster integration is reflected in their results. Users of the service have reported an average of 6 reference responses per candidate versus an equivalent of 2.4 via the manual phone technique, while their average feedback wait time is merely two days – significantly lower than the 5 day average achieved with phone reference checking3.


Work for you

By offering faster and higher value reference checking practices, teaming up with Checkster has allowed LiveHire to enhance the hiring process for their clients by making it a faster and more insightful journey. Instead of working for those references, our platform will make them work for you.


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