LiveHire & fit2Work

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Jul 06, 2020

As organisations continue to navigate this changing environment, it’s more important than ever for hiring teams to have the most seamless and thorough hiring process imaginable.

With the power to hire employees from anywhere, the fit2Work and LiveHire integration make hiring the best talent easier.

fit2Work is a trusted provider of background screening, police checks and identity verification. They deliver more than 70 types of background checks via a comprehensive and tailored online solution, meeting every business need. fit2Work provides world-class security while improving time-to-hire.

LiveHire’s technology allows you to source, engage and hire the best candidates, faster. LiveHire combines AI-powered sourcing, candidate relationship management and a modern ATS in one to dramatically improve the end-to-end hiring process.

This seamless, two-way integration allows you to manage candidate screening and checks all while on the LiveHire platform. When creating a job vacancy, the recruiter needs to simply select the checks and assessment tab and pick a package. From here, you can invite candidates to complete their checks. 

Once a candidate has been invited to complete a check, it will be visible on the Activity column within LiveHire. It will display the activity indicator, followed by the status of the check, meaning you don’t need to jump between systems to check the status.

When the checks are completed and returned, it will show as complete, allowing you to hover over the display to see individual results and short statuses.

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