LiveHire awarded #HRD Employer of Choice 2019.

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Apr 30, 2019

LiveHire is pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded as a top performer for the Leadership category in the 2019 HRD Employer of Choice!

LiveHire’s CEO, Christy Forest, says:

“We are so honoured to join an exceptional peer group of companies recognised as Employers of Choice, for maximising the potential of their workforce.

How lucky we are at LiveHire that our staff come to work with a passion to empower people to find careers they love through a more humanised experience with the best employers in Australia.

The best we can do is nurture and channel that passion in our staff, set the compass then get out of their way.”

At LiveHire, we believe that candidates not only deserve to experience an out-of-this-world candidate experience during the hiring process, but they need for this to continue into their employee experience. By uniting in our passion to enable every person to live the career they love, LiveHire offers a range of employee benefits that aim to create the best possible working environment for our employees.

The benefits of working at LiveHire include:

A flexible working environment 

Although our office vibe is electric, we understand that 9-5 office hours aren’t for everyone! We offer flexible work arrangements to accommodate the varied lives we all lead

Invest in yourself

We appreciate that you need to invest in yourself to bring your best self to work. We have a number of awesome perks and benefits ranging from a day off for your birthday, money towards your gym membership and a growth and development fund

Be an owner

Our equity benefits are designed to help you feel, think, and perform like an owner. #ownittogether

Credible business

LiveHire is an award-winning, ASX listed organisation, that has revolutionised the way recruitment is done. #workingsmarter

Working alongside a unique and knowledgeable leadership team 

Our leadership team consists of individuals from a range of different backgrounds, who come together to create something magical!

See why LiveHire has been awarded as a top performer for the Leadership category in the 2019 HRD Employer of Choice by checking out our careers page today or download our free guide. #GetLiveHired