LiveHire Landmark: 1 million Talent Community Connections reached.

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May 08, 2019

A landmark moment has been reached in the LiveHire history, with the surpassing of 1 million Talent Community Connections (TCCs). The rapid growth of connections over the last 3 years, culminating in roughly 81,000 TCCs in April, has seen this surge up through the million mark.

A TCC occurs when a candidate makes a direct connection with a company through a Talent Community on the LiveHire platform. For both sides of the equation, a TCC represents the first step towards a meaningful client-candidate relationship that can lead, either instantly or down the line, to a successful and enduring hire.

Now utilised in 14 of Australia’s 18 industries, LiveHire has reached a point of accessibility to  85% of the country’s workforce, opening up the potential to manage a significant portion of the country’s annual hires.

Key to this success has been the identification of issues crying out for resolution. Legacy Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Candidate Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) operate on a single-job application framework, where unsuccessful applicants then become faceless recipients of potentially ill-fitting job alerts.

The outcome is a candidate with an 80% chance of having an experience long and poor enough to dissuade future applications through such an ATS and with less than a 2% chance of pursuing opportunities funnelled through CRM emails.

The LiveHire solution puts the candidate first. A centralised profile drawing on mobile, social and cloud data connects candidates quickly with Talent Communities that allow for authentic 2-way interaction with multiple roles and organisations.

This easily integrated and speedy Talent Acquisition (TA) setup allows clients to simultaneously reduce time and cost-per-hire while growing Employer Brand, with the influx of live data improving the AI capabilities and adding ever-increasing value to new and existing Talent Communities.

The effects of the LiveHire’s ever-rising TCC rate are felt beyond merely the core functions of the service, but also in the push for diversity. As put by co-founder Mike Haywood:

“What I love most about the growth of the ecosystem is that the personalised experience for candidates appears to be solving an acute pain point for females. Exactly 50% of all candidates joining the Live Talent Communities are Women, and 56% of all hires through the platform have been Women. This is a very different result to legacy Applicant Tracking Systems, driven largely we believe by the poor experiences they provide candidates.”

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officier, Antonluigi Gozzi, adds to this by saying:

“LiveHire was born from the insight that employment is the biggest industry in the world, and creating a global platform to help people live the career they love, would bring benefits to each and every one. The system, however, was broken, so we needed a new approach, powered by technology, where people can connect to the organisations they would love to work for, and companies to be engaging with their future workforce in a much more human and personal way.

We, therefore, set out to build this unique system, driven by people’s desires and real private connections matching people and companies, bringing agility, openness and innovation.

We have now reached a historical milestone with 1 million people on the LiveHire network of company connections. This will push us even further in helping people live the careers they love.”

As a first mover, LiveHire has a unique understanding of how to optimize a TA platform. With the connections curve growing ever steeper, the knock-on benefits of engagement growth and industry expertise look set to rise in tandem.

Bring on 2 million!

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