Case Study

How Telstra Health partners with Agencies & Hiring Managers

How LiveHire’s tech has helped Telstra Health better partner with their agencies and Hiring Managers

Company Background

Telstra Health is the largest Australian-based provider of software products, solutions and platforms for care providers in the hospital, health service, pharmacy, and aged and disability care sectors.

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Key results

30% of contingent roles directly sourced

30% of contingent roles directly sourced

1.2M of contingent roles directly sourced

1.2M of contingent roles directly sourced

Seamless recruitment process and coordination

Seamless recruitment process and coordination


Before implementing LiveHire, Telstra Health operated a decentralised recruitment process that put the onus on the Hiring Managers to do the heavy lifting in sourcing and screening candidates. Hiring were liaising directly with agencies, with a lack of clarity over the cost and efficacy of the company’s recruitment activities and a lack of transparency across the organisation.

"Through partnering with LiveHire, we’ve not only been able to implement a system that offers a beautiful candidate experience but also a solution to work more efficiently with our recruitment agencies which will always offer a source of talent, particularly in the contractor market for Telstra Health."

Carly Currie

Head of Recruitment at Telstra Health


Telstra Health implemented a centralised recruitment model, with LiveHire as their end-to-end recruitment system. The centralise recruitment team initially managed permanent recruitment but then hired a recruiter dedicated to managing contingent recruitment. LiveHire has allowed Telstra Health to better partner with Hiring Managers and agencies by implementing a system that allows them to their process.

The centralised nature of the LiveHire platform gives both Telstra Health’s Hiring Managers and their recruitment agency partners a user-intuitive dashboard through which the entire hiring experience can be coordinated. Telstra Health can directly source their own candidates and share jobs with agencies where required. Candidate ownership is clearly identified and managed. Now, the AI-powered analytics of the platform gives Telstra Health a set of valuable metrics measuring a variety of speed and cost aspects of their hiring strategies.

"As a recruiter who has used various platforms to submit candidates to various clients, LiveHire is by far the easiest to work with from an agency perspective. Super simple, very user-intuitive!"

Megan Luttrel

Agency recruiter at Torii

Contingent Recruitment Results

Hiring Manager no longer dealing with administration around agency engagement and shortlists – leaving more time to focus on their customers.

• Direct sourcing of 30% of contingent roles (compared to single digits previously) – predominantly employee referrals.

• Introduction of fixed margins – specific price points implemented for agencies, managed on platform. Savings of ~$1.2 million.

• Agencies love the solution, having one point of contact and a dashboard which identifies the candidates submitted and increased visibility.

• Seamless recruitment process which is easier to coordinate.

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