Case Study

How LiveHire helped Amicus create an exceptional employer brand

Company Background

Amicus is a construction organisation that helps companies define, design, and deliver innovative workspaces and inspired organisations.

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Key results

66 minutes median response time from candidates

66 minutes median response time from candidates

Personalised & instant communication through SMS & email

Personalised & instant communication through SMS & email

Authentic & meaningful relationships

Authentic & meaningful relationships

    It is the people at Amicus that makes it unique. To hire the right talent in today’s candidate-tight market, it is key to quickly attract and instantly curate, cultivate and communicate with well-fitted candidates. The traditional recruitment method did not enable Amicus to showcase their employer brand nor to communicate with candidates in a personal and authentic way.

"Because LiveHire helps us showcase who we are as a company and who we are as a brand, it means we attract candidates who are looking for companies that are just like us."

Zoe Sharan

Employee Experience Manager at Amicus


LiveHire’s end-to-end talent acquisition & engagement platform has enabled Amicus to showcase their unique employer brand in a differentiated way. The personalised on-platform look and feel helps attracting well-fitted candidates that are fully aligned with the Amicus purpose and values. The LiveHire platform also provides exceptional candidate experiences, creating true Amicus brand ambassadors.

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