Xero to launch LiveHire Talent Community

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Jul 03, 2018

LiveHire is pleased to announce that Xero has launched a Talent Community using LiveHire’s proactive talent acquisition technology.

James O’Reilly, Talent Acquisition Manager at Xero said:

“LiveHire will enable Xero to better manage our Talent Communities via a platform that is intuitive, candidate-driven and hiring manager friendly.  It will shape tactical and strategic resourcing conversations with our people leaders in Australia and will improve our key metrics in managing and acquiring talent.  In short, LiveHire will enhance our ability to build great people and great teams.”

The new Talent Community will help Xero proactively source talent and build quality pipelines for business-critical roles in Australia, and assist Xero’s talent teams in developing meaningful connections with both active and passive talent.

Dr. Mike Haywood, Growth Director at LiveHire said:

“Xero prides itself on unlocking the potential for small businesses and their advisors. To support this, LiveHire’s proactive recruitment brings quantifiable business benefits to the table – helping clients enjoy well-documented improvements in quality, time and cost to hire the right fit.

With the platform targeting 5-10 x return on investment (ROI), it is encouraging that more and more organisations are choosing to deploy LiveHire.”

LiveHire offers an award-winning, cloud-based talent acquisition & engagement platform. It dramatically accelerates the end-to-end hiring process through unique capabilities in candidate sourcing and engagement, revolutionising the candidate and recruiter experience and enabling businesses to thrive with talent on demand.

Head to www.livehire.com for more information.

Please contact us at media@livehire.com if you have any further questions, or if you’d like to learn more about how LiveHire can transform your organisation, contact us at sales@livehire.com.