SHEIKE launch LiveHire Talent Community

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Feb 04, 2019

LiveHire is pleased to announce that SHEIKE, an iconic Australian retail label, has launched a LiveHire Talent Community using LiveHire’s Talent Acquisition & Engagement Technology.

Emily Van Wessem, Head of HR @ SHEIKE says:

“We pride ourselves on our personalised in-store customer experience yet when it came to Recruitment, it wasn’t an overly positive experience.

We are proud to say we have partnered with LiveHire to give our candidates a really positive experience with our Recruitment Process ensuring that all candidates hear from us.

The platform will not only enhance the candidate experience but allow us to become more proactive in identifying talent, Talent Pooling and become a more streamlined process.  

The new Talent Community seeks to improve all aspects of the user experience for the recruiter and hiring manager while using the platform capabilities to create more authentic and personal engagement with candidates.”

Ashley Wilson, LiveHire’s Client Success Consultant says:

“We are so excited to welcome back Emily to LiveHire as a previous LiveHire champion, she has now spread the love to another one of our favourite brands, SHEIKE to enhance not only their recruiter experience but the candidate experience and engagement capabilities.

SHEIKE needed a new Talent Acquisition platform that delivered a best in class experience for all users.”

You can join the SHEIKE Talent Community here.


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