How can you find more loyal employees?

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Apr 06, 2018

No one will deny the importance of loyal employees to a productive, innovative and cohesive work environment. The impact it will have on an organisation is undeniable, yet it often doesn’t emerge in the forefront of recruiting discussions. A study from Deloitte shows us that out of the Millenials surveyed, one in four would quit their current employer to join a new organisation or do something different within the year. This figure increases to 44% when the time frame is expanded to two years.

These staggering results are not, however, they are not surprising in the slightest. This culture of having ‘one foot out the door’ seems to be common practice within modern society.

So, what can you do differently to ensure more loyal employees?

1. Candidates have the ability to express interest in your organisation without applying for a role

How do you know if a candidate is genuinely interested? Allow candidates to express interest in a role in your organisation by joining your Talent Community!  By expressing interest in a role before it’s available, we can see the genuine connection and relationship the candidate has with your organisation. They like what you represent, and they want to be part of it. This is a long-term, proactive plan, not a quick fix or last minute decision because they aren’t re-actively looking for a role.

2. They are able to communicate with you in a way that helps you build a genuine relationship during the recruitment process

Let’s face it: the way we engage has changed for good and we have new expectations. Technology means we’re constantly connected and are able to get in touch with someone instantly.  So, why when it comes to job applications do we expect candidates to wait to hear back from us? How would millennial candidates feel about this? Give candidates the ability to communicate with you in a private, personal and responsive manner. Even include millennial’s’ favourite: SMS!

3. Give candidates an out-of-this-world candidate experience and set them up for a great employee experience

First impressions count! Set your candidates up for the best experience possible by making sure their experience as a candidate is best in class. Treat your candidates well, and the loyalty will start pouring in!

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