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Redefining Direct Sourcing for ANZ

Redefining Direct Sourcing for ANZ

The global workforce is shifting toward contingent labour more rapidly than ever before, driven by the need for agility and cost savings. To maximise the returns on contingent workforce programs, many companies are looking to reduce expensive third party markups, gain greater talent visibility and find innovative ways to attract top candidates.

‘Direct Sourcing’ is when a company leverages its employer brand to attract and engage a pipeline of qualified contractors, resulting in substantial cost savings, an improved candidate experience and better quality talent. Once selected, these temporary workers are often managed and paid by an outsourced services provider to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

From a global perspective, the US and European markets have approached this opportunity differently, based on which stakeholders are involved and which services are outsourced. The purpose of this webinar is to shine a light on how different regions around the world have matured their Direct Sourcing programs and how Australia could define best practice moving forward.

Now is a critical time to get this right, so we have gathered industry leaders from around the globe to share learnings and insights to help shape and refine Direct Sourcing for the ANZ market.

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Terri Gallagher (USA)

Terri Gallagher is the founder of Gallagher and Consultants. Terri has over 20 years experience as a Gig Workforce Expert, which has enabled her to provide best-in-class workforce solutions and talent supply chain strategies for global and domestic contingent workforce programs for Fortune 100/500 clients.

Linc Markham (USA)

Linc Markham has help leadership roles in procurement, consulting and technology. In his most recent role as the Head of Contingent Workforce at BP, he worked with his team and supply partners to build a billion dollar contingent workforce program. Linc believes in the power of partnering both internally and externally to develop best fit solutions.

Helen Hopkin (UK)

Helen Hopkin is the Human Capital Leader – Head of Workforce Strategy at PwC. Helen has over 20 years experience in HR and Operations and currently works as a strategic Human Capital Leader for the UK firm reporting to the Executive Board.

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