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How Perth Airport saved over $600,000 using LiveHire

Company Background

Perth Airport is an international, domestic and general aviation airport serving Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. It is the fourth busiest airport in Australia and employs nearly 400 full time employees.

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Key results

$600,000+ saving in advertising and recruitment costs

$600,000+ saving in advertising and recruitment costs

Over 90% Candidate satisfaction rating

Over 90% Candidate satisfaction rating

11% Of new hires are sourced through an agency, down from 80%

11% Of new hires are sourced through an agency, down from 80%


Prior to implementing LiveHire, Perth Airport was heavily reliant on external recruitment agencies to source candidates. Although they had an Applicant Tracking System it didn’t provide the depth of capabilities that Sandra de Kock, General Manager, People and Culture knew they needed.

Their HR team spent a lot of time using spreadsheets and managing recruitment agency relationships, which was cumbersome and time consuming.

Approximately 80% of their hires were sourced through agencies, which was costly and also meant that every time a role became available they had to go to market in search of new candidates.

The airport didn’t have access to previously pre-screened or shortlisted candidates because the agency owned those candidate profiles. They also found that some candidates that had been rejected for previous roles wouldn’t apply for future roles, which was a missed opportunity.

“We estimate that LiveHire has saved us around $600,000, that’s an impressive ROI.”

Sandra de Kock

General Manager People and Culture, Perth Airport


Perth Airport adopted the full LiveHire end-to-end solution that incorporates both CRM and ATS functionality. They also decided to integrate LiveHire with XRef, the automated candidate reference checking system. They now have a robust and agile tech stack that has exceeded their expectations and provided significant cost and time savings. The LiveHire implementation and system roll out was quick and easy for Perth Airport.

Hiring managers were impressed with the transparency and ease of use the system provides. With around 34 hiring managers, there is a wide range of skills and technical maturity.

Perth Airport customised access to LiveHire for each hiring manager according to their needs. “Some hiring managers want to see all candidates while others only need to see basic information and we are able to customise their access which ensures a positive user experience.”

Talent Community
The ability to build their own talent community (i.e. candidate database) has provided the most impact for Perth Airport. Previously around 80% of candidates were sourced through a recruitment agency. Now only 11% of hires are sourced through agencies.

As well as the impressive cost savings that Perth Airport have achieved with reduced agency fees, the spend on job board advertisements has also dropped dramatically.

“Some recruitment systems require a lot of backend maintenance and administration, but LiveHire is a plug and play tool; it does what it’s supposed to do beautifully and without any administrative overhead.”

Sandra de Kock

General Manager People and Culture, Perth Airport

Staying in touch with former employees

Previous employees are also part of the airport’s talent community and effort is dedicated to staying in touch with them. Company alumni often boomerang back and are excellent candidates because they know the airport culture and processes.

“Sometimes we aren’t able to offer employees the growth opportunities they need, so they leave us to build on their skills. We know it’s important to communicate with them regularly which is easy to do with LiveHire Talent Pools,” said Sandra.

Accelerating time-to-hire
Time-to-hire has also reduced thanks to the more effective use of the airport’s career site and talent pools. They now have on-demand access to all past candidates, powered by intelligent matching and live search features, and can send them an invitation to apply for a role via SMS or email.

“We are thrilled with the response rate when we send members of our talent community an invitation to apply for a role,” Currently about 44% of people invited to apply for a role will complete the application process. With many of these people already screened for other roles, the hiring process is much faster.

Recruiting on-the-go with mobile-optimised access
Everyone in the team loves the flexibility that accessing LiveHire from their smartphone provides. Many hiring managers aren’t always near their computer and they appreciate the ability to access candidate details at any time and from anywhere.

“Communication is key to candidate engagement and the mobile access that LiveHire delivers ensures that hiring managers and recruiters are able to respond quickly to messages and keep candidates engaged at every stage of the hiring process.”

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