Are you ready for the greatest workforce ‘reset’ of our time?

Are you ready for the greatest workforce ‘reset’ of our time?

The C-suite is asking tough questions about the workforce. Do you have the answers?

The profile of the Australian workforce has been radically changed, with nearly 1 million job losses in the past few months. But the pandemic also debunked traditional workplace myths that have guided business decision making.

Out of great uncertainty there is also opportunity. So as we look ahead, there are complex questions rightly being asked, about how organizations can think differently about their people – their most valuable asset.

  • How do we balance productivity with employee well-being?
  • What is the ideal workforce mix?
  • How can we generate a “total talent” view of our skills?
  • What does this mean for our company culture?
  • How do we prepare our leaders?
  • What does this mean for People Experience?

As Talent Leaders, we believe we are facing the greatest workforce reset of our time. So don’t miss this opportunity to listen to our roundtable discussion to get deep insights across macro market impacts; organizational and talent transformation strategies; operating and maturity models; and technology trends and enablers.

Featured speakers:

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