AMS talks about the challenges with today’s contingent labor programs and how to overcome them

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Challenges with today’s contingent labor programs and how to overcome them

AMS recently invited LiveHire’s Karen Gonzales to join a panel of experts to discuss Direct Sourcing programs.

Direct Sourcing has quickly become one of the “hot” topics for owners of contingent labor and for Talent Acquisition teams trying to understand the value. We understand there is some confusion in the market with respect to the current state of direct sourcing, and it is not unfounded. Many direct sourcing solutions have been added as a “bolt-on” to existing contingent processes designed for staffing suppliers.

Because direct sourcing is considered an “add-on”, these existing workflows are often disconnected with lack of change management, creating friction and confusion; but we’re here to help! We’ll speak to how organizations can build highly engaged, private talent pools – improving both the candidate and hiring manager experience.

During this webinar, the panel will address these common problems with today’s direct sourcing solutions:

Lack of change management creates friction and confusion

Programs are not focused on candidate experience

Continued dependency on Executive Sponsor’s involvement in program

Bolt-on approach

Disconnected workflows

Poor hiring manager visibility into the available talent

Skipping the foundational fundamentals for success


Why Direct Sourcing Programs Fail


The Transformation of the Agile Workforce

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