Digital Staffing Platforms Technology Advisor

2021 Ardent Partners Digital Staffing Platforms Technology Advisor for Direct Sourcing

Ardent Partners, a leading resource and advisory firm, released their Digital Staffing Platforms Technology Advisor report which evaluated the digital staffing solutions marketplace.

LiveHire is thrilled to have been highlighted as a Market Leading platform. Ardent Partners define a Market Leader as providers with universal strength across their offering matched with an ability to execute at the highest level.

“LiveHire’s “Managed Direct Sourcing” offering blends human talent curators, seamless process workflow, and robust direct sourcing technology to introduce talent engagement innovation, generate costs savings, and build deeper pools of top-tier talent.”

Download the report for more information on:

The definition of "Digital Staffing Technology"

The Ardent Partners technology quadrant for 2021

How LiveHire meets the needs of the future agile workforce with its market leading solution

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