Competitions Privacy Notice

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Competitions Privacy Notice

This notice forms part of and must be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy

When you enter a competition with LiveHire, you consent to us collecting your Personal Information and other information we may require for you to enter the competition. We may also be required by legislation to collect your Personal Information.

We collect this information for several purposes. We may need the information to be able to administer the competition and fulfil the prize. We may also use your information to promote and market products and our services, conduct research and plan and develop our product and marketing strategies.

We may be required to disclose your Personal Information to:

  • entities who assist us in administering the competition and fulfilling the prize, and other prize suppliers and deliverers;
  • marketing, research, media and communications agencies;
  • our affiliates and partners, who will use and disclose it for similar purposes to us and subject to their privacy policies;
  • the authorities responsible for the regulation of gaming and lotteries and other government agencies, where applicable; and
  • other parties as permitted or required by law.

The competition winner’s name may be published in the media or by social media, or as otherwise set out in the applicable competition terms and conditions, or as required by relevant gaming and lottery legislation.