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Client Partner

LocationMelbourne, VIC
Positions1 Position
Published At:a month ago
Job no: AYYRA

Key Responsibilities

A business partner to our senior clients by leading the client relationship and guiding all core functions across business management, customer journey, media, data and creative to deliver our client’s objectives.

  • Responsible for the integration of creative, media, data and performance to deliver against goals/objectives
  • Thought leadership and consultancy with senior clients in partnership with General Manager
  • Provide direction for all strategic and creative work going to client
  • Financial forecasting and management of and adherence to budget
  • Be the champion and driver of world class creative work
  • Familiarity with media planning and customer journeys
  • Reporting and work sharing with global counterparts
  • Motivate and activate all team members
  • Responsibility for the quality of delivery from the project management team

Job Functions:

  • Contribute to the achievement of the Agency Business Plan through their clients
  • Support the generation of annual ‘Client Business Plans’
  • Maximise profits and generate new revenue streams
  • Be seen by clients as the business lead contact
  • Partner with key planning lead to ensure overall strategic alignment across all aspects of the accounts creative output
  • Partner with key media lead to ensure best practice precision marketing
  • Adherence of team to global processes including status reports and governance
  • Manage the performance and development of those working on the account, encouraging them to achieve their full potential
  • Manage recruiting where necessary

Knowledge & Skills

To succeed in this role the Client Partner needs the following knowledge and skills.


  • An appreciation of the overall financial management of the agency
  • Thorough understanding of the markets in which their client operates in and the strategic business issues facing them
  • Understand how to guide their clients’ brands to high growth strategies and look beyond just communications as a way to deliver growth
  • Champion an integrated approach to precision marketing as the correct way to successfully reaching customers
  • An up-to-date understanding of all media channels, role of channel and how that impacts messaging
  • An understanding of the role of marketing within a broader business context to aid the development of the agency’s relationship with the client and identify opportunities to increase revenue
  • A working knowledge of the key principles of performance management, people development and awareness of the recruitment market


  • Ability to prepare and deliver major strategic presentations to senior clients (Marketing Director level) and new business prospects
  • Advanced communication skills including listening and questioning, clear verbal and written communications, to share information effectively
  • Problem-solving capacity, identifying causes and suggesting innovative solutions
  • Experience and competence in recognizing, judging and advocating for great creative work
  • Motivational skills to inspire multi-disciplinary teams including media to always give their best
  • Influencing and persuading skills, whether with clients, internally or with suppliers, to gain acceptance of proposals and achieve “win-win” solutions
  • Capability to set clear objectives, delegate, coach and give feedback to “direct reports” in all areas relevant to their development
  • Ability to forecast and analyse revenue and costs, identifying areas for improvement
  • Published on 18 Jan 2024, 12:39 AM