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How is LiveHire the leading technology in the Talent Acquisition space?

oOh!media are leading the way in the digital media space. Everywhere you look oOh!’s digital footprint is physically marking every available billboard.

But, it didn’t take long for Head of Talent at oOh!, Alana Bennett, to notice that their recruitment process wasn’t as innovative and tech-savvy as their ethos as a business. This was because of their previous Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Alana Bennett explains further, “we say we’re digitally led and really innovative, and essentially it [the ATS], was opposite of that”.

Alana describes the previous system as “clunky” and “frustrating”, with job ads being the “sole source” for attracting candidates. There were never enough hours in the day to get through the pile of CV’s, resulting in productivity decreasing. Time was wasted having to manually track candidates, as there was no way of automatically knowing which stage of the application process they were up to at any one time.

The previous ATS system lacked the ability to Talent Pool, or stay in contact with talent who may have been unsuitable for a specific role, but may be ideal for another role. Alana explains, “if they [the candidates] weren’t suited for that certain role, that was essentially it”.

Moving away from their previous ATS, oOh!’s transition to LiveHire was about a six-month journey. Working closely with their LiveHire Customer Sucess Manager, Jarrod Stooke, to ensure that their plan was the right one for oOh, Alana describes the “one specific to oOh!media. It wasn’t a general off-the-shelf implementation”.

During the implementation process, there was great emphasis placed on oOh!’s Talent Acquisition strategy which focused on active Talent Pools. The plan aimed to “identify the critical talent areas” within oOh!media and create “Talent Pools that talk to those critical areas”.  The aim was to be proactive, innovative, and speak a language that would be relevant to the talent they want to attract.

Since implementation, Alana Bennett describes the biggest effect of LiveHire has had is enabling oOh! to have “one source of truth”. This means one platform that enables them to capture all prospective talent in one, centralized space where they can be engaged with, Talent Pooled, and informed of roles. LiveHire has allowed oOh! to not only access “talent that comes from job boards but importantly the talent that’s coming from our Talent Pools and our Talent Cloud”.

The data on LiveHire is live, up-to-date and relevant. Alana describes having “complete faith and trust in that the data in [LiveHire] is accurate” whilst also explaining the importance of users of the system using a system that is “intuitive to them”, and up-to-date with the technology and mobile facing abilities that is expected for a digitally progressive organisation such as oOh!.

Alana Bennett believes that since implementing active Talent Pools oOh! has seen their “speed to market increase, and time to hire decrease”, thus increasing their productivity and giving them more time to really focus on candidates’ skills and understanding how they can contribute to oOh!media.

And what does the oOh! Recruitment team think of LiveHire? Good things it seems. Alana explains that her team, “loves LiveHire” and in particular it has “enabled them to be more productive” and to “engage with the candidates in a simplistic, but authentic way”.

Head of Talent at oOh!media Alana Bennett would “absolutely recommend LiveHire” stating “LiveHire is leading the technology in the talent acquisition space”.

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