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Over the last 18 months, we’ve been testing a sourcing and recruitment methodology with many companies across diverse sectors, ranging from 30 to 17,000 employees. We call it a Live Talent Community, with sustainable Talent Pools for all your hiring or placements. In this 2-week email series, we distilled the mistakes we made, the insights we gained, and ultimately the success we've had so that you can apply it directly to your business.

What you will learn

How to easily build a Talent Community of top candidates, from all the formal and informal channels to your business, curating them into a single online destination.
How to decrease your cost to hire. The average costs to hire someone is $4,000, with advertising fees accounting for less than $400. The real savings are in your time and productivity.
How to reduce your time to hire. Did you know the average time to hire has exploded from 28 days to a whopping 68 days? We will show you why and how to reverse this trend.
How to organise talent into Talent Pools of enough depth to cover all your future hires across all roles, keeping data on skills and availability fresh with next to no effort.

At LiveHire, we believe everyone deserves to live a career they love, and with this two-week eCourse, we will help you get back to doing more of what you love - connecting and hiring great people through great candidate experiences.

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Being able to know who your candidates are, being able to search for them from as many sources as possible, and being able to manage them all together within a pool of people that you can communicate with is really, really important.

Emma Gough, Talent Acquisition Manager

LiveHire enables us to be innovative. We can really personalise the communications to our candidates in a way that's not only meaningful to them as individuals, but really encapsulates the essence of our employer brand and brings our candidate experience to life.

Alana Bennett, Head of Talent