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The Future of Talent Acquisition in the Public Sector Podcast

The Future of Talent Acquisition in the Public Sector Podcast

Candidates are better informed than ever and are putting a more consumer-based lens on their experience and decisions. The impact? Legacy recruitment processes are experiencing diminishing returns.

We see that is at all levels of the public sector. Examples such as at Federal level the APS Review preliminary findings highlighting the need for strategic recruitment and increased mobility, at a state level in NSW the 2018 review of the 2013 Recruitment Reforms demonstrated slow progress and at a local government level there is the NSW LG Workforce Strategy highlighting various recruiting challenges for councils.
But what actions should you take?

In this fireside chat podcast Dave Wild, an industry leading Futurist and renowned speaker and Ben Satchwell, Public Sector Lead (ACT/NSW) of LiveHire, will set the scene on the changes in the world that are impacting talent acquisition for the public sector, the candidate experience expectations as both potential employees and citizens and a look into the trends and actions you can take today to get ahead of the recruiting curve.


Dave Wild

Dave Wild is a Futurist who can show you how to see into the future more clearly. How? First by detecting the signals of the future that are all around you. Then innovating to shift from predicting the future, to creating it. By doing this Dave works with organisations such as Microsoft, Toyota, L’Oreal and The Salvation Army, helping leaders and teams to be Futuready.

Ben Satchwell

Ben Satchwell is the Public Sector & Health Lead for LiveHire, the leading talent acquisition and engagement provider. He collaborates with all levels of government and health care to implement reform and review recommendations on recruitment and selection. Ben has held roles as Managing Director of research and training organisations and as the Commercial Director at a leading consulting business CEB.

What is included:

Understand the data behind candidate expectations today

Practical steps you can take to evolve your recruitment processes

Take a forward look at technology that can deliver the changes necessary to compete in this new world

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Unpacking the RL100 Talent Acquisition Maturity Model for the Public Service


Using Data to Adapt Your Workforce

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