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Unpacking the RL100 Talent Acquisition Maturity Model

Unpacking the RL100 Talent Acquisition Maturity Model for the Public Service

Talent acquisition for the public service is no easy job. With a multitude of challenges to overcome from increasing competition for talent within the public sector to over reliance on contractors when there are skill shortages and more.

And we see this at all levels of the public sector across Australia and New Zealand. Action is being taken though. Examples include: at the federal level the APS Review putting in place recommendation aligned to the need for strategic recruitment and increased mobility, at a state level in NSW the 2018 review of the 2013 Recruitment Reforms demonstrated progress and at a local government level there is the NSW LG Workforce Strategy highlighting various recruiting challenges for councils.

Featured Speakers:

What’s included in the webinar:

Access to the RL100 Talent Acquisition Maturity Model, with Kat walking us through maturity of the X axis of the steps in TA (Plan, Engage, Source, Assess and Onboard) and also, we look at the Y axis of process, data & technology and people

Kat will share examples of TA lessons learnt in the public sector organisation NATO Communications & Information Agency

For 50% of the session we’ll open up to the floor for questions for an interactive session to ensure we can bring to life how moving through the RL100 Talent Acquisition Maturity Model levels will be of benefit to your department or agency

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