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The online recruitment space evolves so fast it can be difficult at times to know if you are truly purchasing the right e-recruitment system for your team. One thing is clear, attracting and hiring great talent is the life of your business, and effective hiring means productivity, happy customers, and a profitable future. It all starts with this one piece of online recruitment software. With so many choices, what is best practice? And in which direction is e-recruitment technology evolving the quickest? You don’t want to be purchasing the recruitment equivalent of a “taxi software”, when an “Uber software” is what the smartest brands are using to attract the best talent. With over 3.5 billion people now on the internet, recruitment online is only going to become more central to your effective and efficient talent sourcing and recruitment strategy, so to help you narrow the field, we have outlined the key trends to consider that will help you recruit online with finesse, now, and well into the future.

1. Candidates are everywhere.

Today less than 25% of jobs are filled through job advertisements, so whilst job ads are still a very important source of talent, 75% of hires are now through a multitude of different channels, from your career page, to your social media accounts, your employees professional and social networks, referrals, store or office walk-ins, clicking on a link in your employees email signatures, the list goes on. It is important that your e-recruitment software can help you harness and curate all these important sources of talent into one destination, with minimal effort on your team’s behalf. This is known as multi-source channel aggregation.

2. It’s all about candidate experience.

We mentioned already that great candidates are everywhere, and to add to that, they might not be looking for a job right now, or you may not have a job vacancy listed that suits them right now. But does that simply mean you go your separate ways? Absolutely not! Your e-recruiting software should allow for great talent to connect with you easily by joining your Talent Community with minimal effort, on mobile or desktop computer, where you can search them easily in future, communicate with them, and invite them to exclusive vacancy shortlists. Think about how you would treat your customers. Would you make them go through a lengthy application/procurement process every time they came to your store? Great talent need a simple and quick way to privately provide you (or update you) with their digital career profile, and a provide a direct and quick method to access and communicate with them in future.

3. Proactive talent pools beats reactive procurement every day.

People are not paperclips. So if your research into online recruiting software is focussed on features to make it easy for you to reactively recruit for a role once it become vacant, procure and process lots of applicants in an efficient way for your team, without the applying talent ever talking to a human. Stop. Those days are gone, you should be more focussed on how to stop the flood of unnecessary applicants by focussing on the right source channels for talent, and spend more time engaging like a human with the right talent. Your web based recruitment software should be centred around this and make it easy for you to do. Platforms like LiveHire, focus on helping you quickly build quality talent pools of people, for all the roles in your business, to the right depth (number of people), so you always have 2-3 quality people available and interested in a career change to your organisation as soon as a position becomes vacant. The proactive building of talent pools, collectively making up what is known as your Talent Community, is the future of online recruitment software, and can drastically reduce your time and cost to hire, but only if the next (and last) objective can be met.

4. Live talent data and availability is the winning ingredient.

Building a Talent Community of Talent Pools for all your roles, by attracting candidates from all the different sources online into one destination for your team to hire talent-on-demand, will only be a sustainable if the talent’s’ profile data stays fresh and up to date, and you understand which people are most available/ approachable for opportunities as they arise. To achieve this, your online recruitment system must be centred around the candidate, and allow them to use their one profile to join and update other Talent Communities of other companies privately, at the same time. This is the ultimate in Candidate Experience and usability, and is the only way online recruiting systems will be able to sustain truly Live Talent Communities that will have your recruitment team doubling their productivity, and raise the bar of the quality of talent coming into your business. So before you decide which online recruitment software to use, try the LiveHire platform for free today, and experience a technology whose features and specification are centred around the candidate and their experience, rather than the job vacancy.

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