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I&C Maintenance Technician (Unit 2)

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  • Published At:15 days ago


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  • Job no: B6FJG
  • Categories: Engineering

Skills and Qualifications that will make you stand out:

  • I&C Technician candidates must have minimum of 5 years maintenance experience.
  • Minimum three years nuclear operating plant maintenance experience
  • Nuclear experience should be from an operational nuclear plant in a maintenance role.

Preferable Areas of Experience (Minimum 3 of the Following Systems)

  • Chemical & Volume Control System
  • Maintenance Chemical & Volume I&C Facility Maintenance
  • Diverse Protection System Maintenance
  • Digital Rod Control System and CEA Maintenance
  • External-Core Neutron Flux Monitoring System Maintenance
  • Engineered Safety Features Component Control System Maintenance
  • Inadequate Core Cooling Monitoring System Maintenance
  • In-Core Instrumentation System Maintenance
  • Information Processing System Maintenance
  • Internal Refueling Water Storage Tank System Maintenance
  • Main Feed Water Pump Turbine Control System Maintenance
  • Man Machine Interface System Maintenance
  • Main Steam Control System Maintenance
  • Nuclear Steam Supply System Integrity Monitoring System Maintenance
  • Process Component Control System Maintenance
  • Plant Protection System Maintenance
  • Qualified Indication & Alarm System Maintenance
  • Reactor Coolant System Maintenance
  • Radiation Monitoring System Maintenance
  • Radioactive Waste System Maintenance
  • Seismic Monitoring System Maintenance
  • Steam Generator Level Control System Maintenance
  • Turbine Control System Maintenance
  • Vibration Monitoring System Maintenance
  • OvationTM Fundamentals

Please include the following in your resume:

1.      Your Resume should highlight all Training/Qualifications/Exp breakdown and type of Nuclear Power Plant that individual has worked.

2.      Summary of Experience- Be specific to the different nuclear-related systems ( Reactor Protection/Turbine/Radiation monitoring/Field devices/MMIS systems etc) and provide a breakdown on the type of work performed and whether it was in the construction/commissioning and or Operational plant.

3.      Provide details on whether the work performed was on wiring terminations and installations/commissioning and functional testing/Fault diagnostics/troubleshooting

4.      Discuss the methods of work implementation such as Work Package/Procedure use/Work Permits and lockout tag out systems etc.

5.     Please highlight your experience with working in a Radiation control area – discuss your use of HU tools and ALARA principles

6.      Specify your exposure as a LEAD TECH/Supervisor or whether you were performing work as a support TECH/assistant.

  • Published on 31 May 2021, 3:49 PM