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20-099- Senior Advisor Licensing

  • Work TypeContract/Temp
  • Positions1 Position
  • Published At:17 days ago


  • Job no: 7KY4K
  • Categories: Engineering, nuclear

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Senior Advisor Licensing

Resume Due Date: Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 (5:00PM EST)                                              

Number of Vacancies: 1

Duration: 2 years

Location: Ajax

Job Overview

  • Support the Manager, Regulatory Affairs, and the Manager, Licensing Support, in acquiring the necessary federal and provincial permits, licenses and amendments for the construction, and operation of nuclear generating stations.
  • Maintain the regulatory interface in accordance with governance including the management of correspondence and the management of regulatory commitments.
  • Plan the application for licenses and amendments to licenses identifying the work to be performed by Licensing and by other parts of OPG.
  • Coordinate the work of Licensing.
  • Assemble and edit the components of applications prepared by various organizations into a coherent application.
  • Monitor and report progress versus plan.
  • Prepare applications for Site Preparation Licenses, Construction Licenses, and Operating Licenses for new nuclear generating stations and stations undergoing refurbishment.
  • Manage incoming and outgoing regulatory correspondence in accordance with governance and regulatory requirements.
  • Manage regulatory commitments in accordance with governance.
  • Evaluate new federal and provincial regulatory developments, trends and directions pertaining to plant life extension and new build.
  • Interpret federal and provincial regulatory requirements for plant life extension and new build.
  • Prepare for hearings on applications for new licenses and amendments, and environmental assessments.
  • Support the Manager in negotiations with federal and provincial regulators.
  • Coordinate work with staff at sites and in the corporate organization.
  • Communicate informally with regulatory staff regarding existing regulatory requirements, new regulatory requirements under consideration, and correspondence regarding plant life extension and new build.
  • Coordinate OPG’s response to issues raised by regulators.


  • Knowledgeable of regulatory codes and standards, and with their application to the design, construction, and operation of a nuclear generating plant, understanding of the relationships between technical requirements and regulatory requirements.
  • Prior experience interpreting regulatory standards and requirements to identify issues related to licensing in Canada and to ensure effective implementation of regulatory requirements.
  • Ability to understand the operating policies and principles of OPG, Nuclear, and to be generally knowledgeable of the interrelationships with the departments of the division and with the organization and operation of associated client groups.

Must have a minimum of 8 years of licensing experience, preferably at OPG

  • Published on 17 Nov 2020, 6:41 PM