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Exploration Driller - NZ Applicants FIFO Australia

  • Published At:a month ago
  • Driller


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  • Job no: XYM64

Why join us - we have

  • Experienced Drill Crews
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Largest Drill Fleet in Australia

As the Driller you will be responsible for operating the drill rig in the safest possible manner to achieve maximum production. You are responsible for your Drill Team and will supervise the day to day operation of your drill rig.

  1. Operate drill rig in the safest possible manner to achieve maximum production.
  2. Ensuring that “Duty Of Care” is exercised in all aspects of their own work activities as well as all personnel under their control.
  3. Ensuring all personnel comply with the HSE Regulations, any site specific rules or pertinent act or regulation which may apply with varying site operations.
  4. Train, coach and mentor Offsiders and Trainee Drillers in safe work practices and rig operation.
  5. Understanding fully the terms of the drilling program and liaising with the client to ensure successful completion.
  6. Carry out comprehensive pre starts on rigs.
  7. Produce clean drill core/ sample marked to the Client’s requirements.
  8. Ensure direction, leadership and support for all drilling and maintenance under your control.                
  9. Positively promote the companies’ business at every opportunity.
  10. Ensuring a high standard of personal presentation, behavior and conduct at all times and checking that all field crews are also well presented.
  11. Always presenting “Fit for Work”, being punctual in attendance and participating in Drug and Alcohol testing when required.
  • Published on 11 May 2021, 4:33 AM