When Roy Hill met Micheal- How a mining company finds the right talent at the right time.

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Apr 24, 2018

For Perth based information architect, Micheal Rainford-Watson, specialised technology roles like his don’t come up very often.

“It’s a unique role, so jobs in Perth only come up every four months or so,” he explains, “but when I signed up for LiveHire, it was just three weeks until I found a job in Roy Hill”.

As one of their first hires through the LiveHire platform, it was clear from the start that the Talent Community Platform was the right solution for Western Australian mining company Roy Hill.

“LiveHire lets you know where you are throughout the recruitment process,” said Micheal. “In the typical recruiting process, you might have an interview and then it all goes quiet, leaving you unsure of where you sit. This service switches these roles, so Roy Hill finds you, rather than the other way around.”

“You just create an account and Roy Hill will contact you when a relevant job becomes available.”

Roy Hill is a world-class iron ore operation and the largest single ore mine in Australia. Roy Hill has more than 2,000 employees across three locations and hires based on a person’s values and attributes, rather than purely their experience.

Launched in 2017, Roy Hill’s Talent Community was as an initiative suggested by Jon Bowker, Head of Recruitment, to evolve recruiting capabilities through technology and enhance the candidate experience.

Jon explains that not only did the search for Micheal save thousands of dollars in potential agency fees, it enabled more proactive recruitment strategies and the ability to better match people to opportunities.

“We can now engage with candidates and build relationships far easier than was possible with traditional recruitment systems,” Jon said. “The shift to a Talent Community solution means we can recruit faster and recruit better quality candidates, which has the potential to save the company millions in lost productivity and turnover costs.”

Since implementing LiveHire, Roy Hill has enabled their recruitment function to pipeline for future vacancies in advance and reduce time to hire, which will ultimately improve productivity and turnover within the business.

LiveHire offers an award-winning, cloud-based Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform. It dramatically accelerates your end-to-end hiring process and revolutionises your candidate and recruiter experience

If you’d like to join the Roy Hill Talent Community, you can do so here. Alternatively, you can discover how LiveHire can transform your recruitment process today. #GetLiveHired