Warning signs you may need a Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform ⚠

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Dec 07, 2017

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it might be time to give a Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform a go. 📝

✓ Do you have hard-to-fill roles?

Does your organisation hire speciality roles that require a specific skill set, time frame, or a role that requires a certain amount of flexibility?

There’s no denying that specific roles get more attention, but certain roles seem to get no applicants!

This is where the Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform can come in. Candidates constantly update their profiles that populate your Talent Community with live data about their skills and experience.

✓ Do you have a large number of candidates stored somewhere?

Are you an organisation that has countless numbers of applicants each year?

Do you have access to a large database of candidates who have expressed their interest in working for your organisation at some point in time, and are you interested in discovering if they are still available? And understanding their improved skill set?

Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform will ensure that these candidates don’t go to waste and will be live in your Talent Community.

 Do you make 100 or more hires per year, and are you a medium to a large sized organisation?

That’s a lot of hires! We can guess they will be costing your organisation a lot of money, and a lot of time!

Ensure flexibility to hire the best candidates possible by using a proactive platform that will save time, money and increase the quality of talent.

✓ Is the quality of your future hires a top priority?

You know what they say; you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Reactive recruitment limits your ability to be flexible in choosing the ideal candidate as you’re often hit with a time restriction.

By having a Talent Community filled with available, qualified, and willing talent, you’ll ensure that all of your hires are of the highest quality.

✓ Do you actively source candidates?

Traditional methods of recruitment are entirely reactive and you can only choose from the candidates that have directly applied. If you want to step outside of this method and actively source candidates, you can’t use your traditional methods of recruitment.

A Proactive Talent Community Platform allows for you to recruit proactively, even if a role isn’t yet open.

If you’re interested in understanding how Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform can improve your Recruitment Process you can register for a demo with us today here. #GetLiveHired 🙌