Want to improve employee happiness?

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Apr 14, 2019

As a leader in your organisation, is employee happiness on your radar? If it’s not, it should be.

In fact, research by Oxford University found that workers are 13% more productive when they are happy.¹

As we know, productivity manifests itself in a variety of ways: targets reached, more creative concepts and thoughts, and a move thriving business all round.

So, why wouldn’t you be doing all you can to ensure your employees are happy?

Here are a number of things your organisation can do boast happiness in your everyday workplace:

1. Recognise the progress of your employees

Rather than only acknowledging employee process at end of year reviews or probationary meetings, be sure to congratulate your workers when they show signs of progress and improvement. It’s all about positive reinforcement!

2. Spend time on activities that are separate to work

Whether it be the office Christmas party, bowling, or Friday night drinks, it’s important that you spend time building a relationship with your employees in a casual capacity. Authentic relationships and connections make for much happier workers.

3. Offer workplace flexibility to your employees

The 9-5 office hours don’t work for everyone, so make sure you’re giving your employees the option to work from home when they need to or change their hours around based on other commitments. They’ll feel more supported and trusted.

4. Set clear goals

Make sure your team understands company goals so that you can work towards them together. This way, they’ll feel part of the bigger picture.

5. Encourage breaks and time off

By making sure your employees aren’t overworked, they’ll be more productive and more refreshed when they are at work.

6. Ask your team which skills they want to work on, and where they see their career going

By doing this, they’ll work harder to gain new skills, while making sure they progress in their career. This will benefit your employee and the team as a whole.

7. Have open and honest conversations

Let your employees feel like they can talk to you about anything. This way, you can solve problems early on before they snowball into something bigger. It’s also good that your employees feel like they’re being listened to.

8. Have regular team and all company meetings

By having regular team and all company meetings, your team will feel connected and aligned.

While it’s important to focus on employee happiness while they are in the workplace, you’re also able to improve employee happiness from the beginning of the hiring process; by hiring employees who are aligned to your purpose and culture.

What does this mean?

When we talk about the purpose of an organisation we’re referring to what gives work meaning. This is why you’re employees come to work every day and what they are putting their energy towards.

Culture refers to the combination of values and habits that support you to reach your purpose. Your culture is often what will set you apart from your competitors, and the reason candidates may pick you over someone else.

By hiring candidates who are already aligned with your purpose and culture, you’re already one step ahead in them feeling motivated and committed to your organisation.

But, how do you make sure you find aligned candidates during the hiring process? Our infographic below will explain this process in more detail.


Looking to learn more about how you can improve employee happiness in your workplace? Make a time to chat with someone from our team or check out our Employer Branding Playbook.