Top tips for agile workforce planning

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Aug 30, 2018

You can’t have agile workforce planning without agility in your own strategy. We’ve summarised the top ways you can shift your thinking to develop a new workforce planning strategy:

1. Let your recruiters do the planning

No, we don’t mean ignore what the hiring managers forecast for the next 6-12 months. We mean, take their input and do your own research to find what role titles will be require in your business. This is a type of recruitment-led, bottom-up forecasting.

Combining the needs of the hiring managers and the market trends experience of your recruiters will give you a workforce plan that reflects the needs of the business and the shifts of the job market.

2. Talent Pooling for your future roles

Everyone’s talking about it, but who is actually doing it right? Talent Pooling can be tackled in a number of different ways. The key thing to do with your Talent Pools is engage with the talent that are already interested in working for you. Engaging with talent means you find out: more about their skills, how interested they are in your company, and if they’re the right cultural fit.

Start the conversation today with your candidates through Talent Pools, and you might just have your next hire ready for tomorrow.

3. Finding the skill gaps in your business.

Workforce planning is all about thinking ahead to avoid reactive hiring. Think about the skill gaps in your business and you’ll be able to feed this information to your hiring managers to plan ahead. This is a time where you can get input from different teams in this business and start to understand their pain points. It’s also important to speak with the stakeholders and work out which direction they see your organisation moving towards.

4. Make sure your team is aligned in everything you do

Having alignment among your team is one of the most important elements of guaranteeing  your agile workforce plan is effective and efficient. This will ensure that you can work proactively to achieve this common goal. By using technology that allows you and your team to share notes on a candidate, to collaborate with the hiring manager, and to see where each candidates are within the process, will ensure increased productivity.


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