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Top 10 Benefits of Using Recruitment Software

Hiring is the most important thing an organisation will ever do. And because of this, there’s no questioning that your organisation needs recruitment software to access and engage with the best candidates. 

While we know that recruitment software is the solution to bridge the gap between organisations and candidates, it’s important to differentiate between a good system and one which fails to address the key needs of recruitment and talent acquisition teams.

So, what does good recruitment software look like? And what problems does it aim to solve?

Good recruitment software looks to solve two key elements:

  1. To make the process more efficient for recruitment and talent acquisition teams
  2. To provide a positive and memorable candidate experience 

So, how can recruitment software solve these elements? And what benefits can you and your organisation see from implementing it?

Why use recruitment software?

1. It streamlines the hiring process by having a complete and updated talent database

Unlike some HR recruitment software, which allows candidate data to go stale the moment it is received, good recruitment software allows candidates to continually update their profile information after they have expressed interest in the organisation or applied for a role. This means that your candidate database is live, also up-to-date and always accessible and relevant. 

We call this database a Talent Community. 

From here, your talent team can Talent Pool candidates into relevant roles, where you can engage with candidates so they are ready-to-hire and interested whenever a role pop-ups!

2. It automates processes and saves HR employees from doing tons of administrative work

Good recruitment software will allow you and your team to be more efficient by automating processes and reducing administrative work as a result. 

HR recruitment software can automate a range of processes, one of which is automatically logging conversations and all actions between all people from your team and the candidate. 

This means there is no need for back-and-forth conversations between your recruitment team, meaning there is no double handling, a reduction in administrative tasks and a more efficient team.

3. It improves the Employment Brand experience

Impress your candidates with an authentic glimpse into your workplace culture by providing your candidates with a simplified and more relevant job application.

Overcomplicated or backward e-recruitment software may make your candidates worry that this is representative of the workplace they may enter into. 

By giving them a positive hiring experience, you’re showing just how important your employees and candidates are to your culture.

4. You increase your chances of hiring the right people

As discussed in point one, good recruitment software means you have a live database of candidates that you can access at any time. 

After you’ve engaged with members in your Talent Community, if they seem like a good fit, you’ll place them in Talent Pools, which will mean you can quickly hire the right people when a relevant role arises. These Talent Pools may include:

Passive candidates: they may not necessarily be actively seeking out a new role right at the moment, but they may be open for a discussion if the right role comes along or they may change their mind in the future. You can continue to nurture and engage with these candidates so that you can be open about where you’re both at.

Silver medalists: these are candidates that interviewed for a role, but came up second in the hiring process. They were a good fit for you culturally, but probably a better fit for another role in the business instead.

Employee referrals: these are candidates referred to you by people already in your workplace. You know they will probably be a great fit, but might not necessarily have a free role at the moment.

Company leavers: it’s important to stay connected with former employees. You never know when they might be ready to come back!

And many, many more!

5. You gain an opportunity to build genuine and strategic relationships with the right people!

By actively engaging with the people in your Talent Pools through your recruitment software, you’ll, in turn, build genuine, authentic and long-lasting relationships with these candidates.  

6. Talent leakage decreases

Recruitment software allows you to catch the right talent, at any stage, and avoid losing them somewhere down the road. 

Talent leakage is a key gap for organisations when finding the best quality and best-fitting candidates. Good e-recruitment software bridges this gap.

7. It improves overall communication and response time

Candidates are consumers, so we have to do everything possible to make sure we give them the on-demand experience that they deserve and want. This means you need quick response time when hiring people, to ensure you don’t lose them in the process.

Good recruitment software allows you to engage with candidates in a way that suits them. Candidates respond faster and most effectively to text messages, so good recruitment software incorporates this instant form of communication into its platform.

8. It allows you to analyse insights from your hiring process to make better-informed hiring decisions

Good HR recruitment software collates data into graphs and dashboards for you to digest information better.

Thorough and accurate analytics will allow you and your hiring team to make the best hiring decisions possible and to alter strategies in accordance with the trends you’re seeing.

9. 24/7 access to the software

Cloud-based recruitment software, or e-recruitment software, means you can access your recruitment online wherever and whenever. 

This means you and your candidates are always connecting, reinforcing that authentic relationship between the two of you.

24/7 access to your recruitment software also means you’ll be able to create a more flexible work environment for your recruitment team, giving them the ability to work from home or offsite.

10. Cloud-based recruitment software offers secure storage

All candidate data, whether it be supplied on the candidate’s profile or during the hiring process, should remain entirely confidential. This will keep trust between the candidate and organisation, but also avoid talent leakage.

Cloud-based recruitment software makes this a reality.

Looking for recruitment software that does all of the above? Checkout LiveHire’s end-to-end talent solution to make the most out of your hiring process.

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