Talent Acquisition has never been this easy!

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Mar 19, 2018

How is modern Talent Acquisition making it easier than ever to find the best quality talent?

Talent Acquisition and Engagement Platforms provide a humanised candidate experience like no other

LiveHire’s technology proactively builds trusted relationships through easy, direct, two-way communication via mobile and email, with current and future talent. It’s easier than ever to connect with candidates in a meaningful way, allowing organisations to get to know more about an individual than just their resume.

They allow organisations to have a single destination for all talent

Unlike traditional recruitment processes where organisations struggle to keep track of their candidates (hello outdated excel spreadsheet), Talent Communities provide one single destination for all prospective candidates. Say goodbye to tedious administration tasks and hello to increased productivity!

The Talent Community becomes the sole source for hires, reducing the need to advertise on job boards.

You can Talent Pool the best talent, whenever you want!

Talent Pool functionality allows for the HR and Recruitment team to Talent Pool suitable talent and to engage with them, even if a role isn’t currently available. This means that when a role does come up, you’ve got talent to engage with instantly!

They minimise applicant rejection

The Talent Community platform gives you the ability to minimise applicant rejection through hiring from pre-screened talent of qualified, available candidates. This protects your brand’s reputation and creates a more positive impression of your organisation to customers. Remember, candidates are customers!

It allows you to maintain ongoing alumni and internal relationships

Talent Communities give you the ability to maintain relationships with high-quality talent, even after they have left the business. It also allows the flow of talent internally within the business, making it easy to understand your current staff’s aspirations and flexibility.

They encourage diversity

Talent Community platforms encourage diversity across the workforce with proven ability of Talent Communities to attract anyone regardless of gender, race, and other diversity groups.

So, why isn’t your organisation using the Talent Acquistion and Engagement Platform? 

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