Talent Communities Case study – Construction

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Sep 27, 2016

Are Talent Communities just a hot HR buzz phrase?

Consider these results:

  1. Volume: 100% of hires through the Talent Community
  2. Quality: 12-month employee retention rate improvement from 38% to 98%.
  3. Time: 9 days average time to hire, down from 28 days.

These were the jaw dropping metrics Justin Prince, Group GM of HR for Ertech, a leading civil construction company in Australia delivered to a packed house at LiveHire Monday evening.

LiveHire Talent Community metrics

Construction, with its short project durations, typically high employee turnover, and diverse mix of blue and white-collar workforce, is arguably one of the hardest industries to achieve true proactive recruitment.

As Justin proved this week, though, it just takes good practice and good technology.

Ertech has a Talent Community, powered by LiveHire, which hovers around 7,000 members at any point in time. It self-replenishes by being the single destination for talent to join through all channels including social, job ads, referrals, career website, and a few other hidden channels and tricks Ertech have discovered over the past two years of Talent Community operation.

It wasn’t until the end of the talk though that Justin dropped the biggest bombshell. They’ve gotten so confident with talent-on-demand now for their business that they’ve moved to a philosophy of “hire for attributes” first.

“Resilience, Abstract Thinking, Stubbornness, Humility. The raw materials needed by all our people and the foundation of how we build our talent pools.”

This is something so often spoken about but rarely put into practice unless you are a big brand talent magnet like Google.

Building Talent Communities though is not all smooth sailing. It requires strong commitment from all levels of the organisation, prolonged focus and vision, and good change management.

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