Strategic Sourcing Case Study: Live Talent Communities

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Jan 25, 2017

In 2015, Rebekah Di Blasi, Head of Talent and Culture at KJR, sat down to start her day of strategic sourcing and hiring. She started by opening an Excel spreadsheet. Shocked? Actually that’s pretty common. For many recruiters, talent pooling for proactive hiring becomes a job that relies on spreadsheets of dead information.

That didn’t cut it for Rebekah.

A lot of the Talent Pooling was done VIA an excel spreadsheet, which was then circulated amongst our general managers. Within a day that wasn’t real-time information anymore.

Rebekah realised KJR needed a change in productivity; that’s how she found LiveHire. Now the results show Rebekah was spot on:

  1. Access to a live talent pools of candidates.
  2. An improved candidate experience.
  3. Talent Community growth of 37% in 4 months through strategic sourcing.
  4. Decreased recruitment advertising spend by 75%.

Watch Rebekah’s journey and learn what it’s like to experience the productivity shift with LiveHire from reactive to proactive recruitment.

Proactive recruitment and hiring is easy when you have your own Live Talent Community. Do you make over 100 hires a year? Book a demo to find out if LiveHire is the solution for you.

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