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Nov 23, 2016

You find the perfect candidate, interview them, hire them…and then what? You can’t just stop giving them a great experience simply because they’re part of your team. Now is the time to take your employee onboard experience from good to great! LiveHire has integrated with FlareHR to allow a seamless and collaborative hiring experience for both your candidates and hiring team. The steps are simple and the benefits are endless!

Society for Human Resource Management reported that 1 in 25 hires leave their jobs primarily as a result of poor onboarding. What are the factors that impact onboarding? They’re known as the four C’s: compliance, clarification, culture, and connection. With LiveHire and FlareHR’s new integration you can successfully nail these four points AND ensure a great experience for your new hire!


Hire then get them onboard!

How does it work? Once you find your ideal candidate on LiveHire you can simply change their status to offer pending, which is directly linked to FlareHR. LiveHire automatically draws information, like work locations, from FlareHR for an easy way to transfer your new hires’ offer details from one platform to the next.

Onboard with FlareHR - Adding Offer Details on LiveHire

Keep everyone on the same page.

New hires’ information will be sent to FlareHR, where you can continue to nurture and maintain a great relationship with your new employee. Manage superannuation, training, culture and more; all through FlareHR. The new integration gives you that seamless experience you were looking for by hiring a happy candidate and turning them into a motivated employee and member of your team.

Onboard with FlareHR - FlareHR View

LiveHire is just one piece of the successful talent management and hiring puzzle. Integrations are collaboration at its best – are you part of the puzzle? Contact our team about integrating today!

Proactive recruitment and hiring is easy when you have your own Talent Community. Do you make over 150 hires a year? Book a demo to find out if LiveHire is the solution for you.

Be sure to download the guide to Getting Started with Live Talent Communities.

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