Operation Innovation: a recap of LiveHire’s humanising relationships innovation lab

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Aug 06, 2019


Here at LiveHire, the name of the game has always been innovation – finding modern and creative solutions to the pain points faced in the recruitment industry.

This ethos has been reflected in the wide range of product developments produced in the last 18 months, from agency management and high-volume recruitment, to partner integrations with the likes of and Checkster.

However, we feel there’s always room for more ideas. With that in mind, we brought together some eager faces from each of our various teams to flex their creative muscles in a 24-hour, immersive Innovation Lab. Safe to say, things got exciting!

Day 1

After opening with some stimulating lunch, day one kicked off with a presentations and insights from our clients – namely Jane Schroder from St Barbara, Rebekah Di Blasi from KJR, Garth Turnbull and Naomi O’Reilly from Korn Ferry onsite at NAB, and Sheree Andersen from The Career Conversation – as well as eager candidates sharing their perspectives on the hiring journey.

Presentations followed from a handful of our own, including co-founder Gigi on the Product Vision, Head of UX and Design David Vuu on the North Star (Humanising Relationships), and Product Lead Chris Kwan on Technology Trends.

After listening, it was time for action. Those present were split up into groups for the “Discover and Define” challenge, and assigned the task of addressing industry pain points from multiple perspectives (candidate, recruiter, hiring manager, approvers, etc.).

The groups took on the challenge of finding a solution to the top 3 problems they identified, leading the day to end with 9 burning hot new product ideas (and with a decent bite to eat at +39 Pizzeria).

Day 2

An 8am coffee and bacon-slider fueled start to day two led to three teams taking on a new challenge – visual exploration of how a value statement can quickly become a visual artefact that can then be used to validate with users.

Workflows led to sketches and some pretty impressive presentations (one of which included an on-the-hood live demo!), for an inter-city audience as viewers dialled in from Melbourne and Sydney.

Three stellar presentations made it neck and neck, but shout out to the ultimate winners of Team Live Learning. Their idea was to provide live on-platform training for hiring managers and recruiters at the right time, removing bias from the process and promoting diversity and equal opportunities. Their presentation and live on-platform prototype were all the more impressive considering they were only stitched together in half a day.

The ultimate takeaway of the lab – notwithstanding the nine excellent ideas, which will be explored further by the product and technology team of LiveHire – was the speed and energy generated by teams made up of completely different functions working towards a common goal. The two day event proved to be a resounding affirmation of the strength of talent within the company at present, and an exciting glimpse of the innovative updates to come.