LiveHire’s client, KJR, win Talent Board’s 2019 CandE (Candidate Experience) Award.

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Dec 20, 2019


A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our client KJR Australia on your Talent Board CandE (Candidate Experience) award WIN for the APAC region!

The CandE Awards exist to enable companies to benchmark and improve their candidate experience, by surveying not only people who were successful in their job application but those who were unsuccessful in the role.

KJR CEO, Ashley Howden, was recently asked by the Australian Financial Review for his favourite piece of technology. Howden responded:

“LiveHire- an Australian HR platform that allows a business to Talent Pool effectively. It has allowed us to build a pipeline of IT talent ahead of our needs and have the right people ready to go when we ramp up on key projects.”

Talent Partner at KJR, Sheemal Visun who works directly with the platform on a daily basis says:

“Using LiveHire has changed the way we engage with candidates.

It’s a more personalised experience and it’s more relevant as we are better informed about what candidates want as they own their own data and information. As a result, we are able to partner with the candidates on their journey. They’re not applying for a role and it’s a yes or no; it’s about who are they, what they want, if they fit now or in the future and how can we support them outside of just a current vacancy.

LiveHire’s platform has allowed us to build better relationships, make higher quality placements, cut time-to-hire significantly in an environment where we don’t get much notice such as client requirements, so ultimately, we provide a better and more efficient service to our customers. It has also allowed our managers to have more visibility on potential talent and active recruitment processes so they can be more involved and also more confident to be selling services knowing that we have pre-qualified candidates available to fill the roles.

We are a people business, our future work comes mostly from word of mouth, our candidates are our potential clients and the candidate experience they have with us, is reflective of the client experience they will have so we need to set them up with a positive impression.”

Want to learn more about how KJR and LiveHire are working in partnership? Check out our case study here.

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Congratulations again to our friends!