How is LiveHire using LiveHire?

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May 17, 2018

Andrew Perrett is LiveHire’s Talent Acquisition Specialist. Having only been with LiveHire for 8 months, Andrew’s previous role was in external recruitment where he relied heavily on ATS Systems.

Describing the ATS experience as a “beige” one, Andrew describes the system as more of a “Microsoft application” rather than interactive and visual technology. It was “more of a place to put notes against the candidate”.

Citing his top frustration of the ATS systems as communication, Andrew explains that “you’d have to export a lot of data to Excel to send a bulk message” and describes the extent of personal communication as putting “Hi <<FirstName>>” at the beginning of an email.

Being surrounded by LiveHire’s Customer Success Managers (CSM), the team members responsible for making sure customers get the most out of the LiveHire platform, most definitely has its advantages for Andrew, especially in the early days of his time with LiveHire. Calling the platform “intuitive”, Andrew was able to get first-hand tips and tricks from whichever CSM he was closest to, meaning he is able to use the system in the most effective and efficient way.

For Andrew, there are three main functionalities for LiveHire that stand out for him:

The ability to communicate through the platform

One of the standouts from the LiveHire platform for Andrew is its communication functionality. With the “ability to have the messaging come directly from the platform with an image of your face, as well as it being in SMS form” creates a real personal touch.  The message templating functionality is also a highlight, reducing time and removing barriers for communicating with candidates.

The Talent Pooling functionality

The main benefit that Andrew sees from the ability to Talent Pool is that it “drives the right behaviour”. Talent Pooling helps Andrew to create a workforce plan, which he states that “every company should do”. By having a workforce plan, recruiters are able to interact with hiring managers to gain insight into the types of roles they will be most likely recruit for the next six months. From here, Andrew can be proactive in creating Talent Pools that speak to these roles, driving the right behaviour.

Having one source of truth

Andrew explains that “LiveHire is the epicenter of the recruitment function”. It’s a space to collectively source all channels, “everywhere from Job Boards to LinkedIn”. He describes LiveHire as “as all roads lead to Rome- everything’s in the center point”.

So, what results has LiveHire seen internally?

At the seven day point of when a new hire joins our LiveHire team, we ask them to rate the LiveHire recruitment and selection experience. From the time period of October 2017- March 2018, the average response put LiveHire’s recruitment experience at 9.625.

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