LiveHire & Talegent

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Jul 10, 2020

With the war for talent more fired up than ever, organisations need to be doing everything they can to create the most seamless candidate experience possible, while creating a more efficient process for recruitment teams. 

Introducing the Talegent and LiveHire integration.

Talegent is improving the effectiveness of traditional assessment with best-in-class predictive analytics tools together with an enhanced candidate experience. Talegent delivers creative solutions for predicting human performance by combining the latest psychometric science, data analytics, and technology with design. 

In leveraging an engaging candidate experience which optimises your existing talent pool, Talegent provides analytically informed and bias-free solutions for identifying the best talent.

LiveHire’s technology allows you to source, engage and hire the best candidates, faster. LiveHire combines AI-powered sourcing, candidate relationship management and a modern ATS in one to dramatically improve the end-to-end hiring process.

LiveHire and Talegent are working together to provide the best candidate experience possible. Assessments are no longer about solely rating candidates, they also work towards attracting and engaging them. As an award-winning candidate platform, LiveHire assists organisations in building authentic relationships with candidates through 2-way SMS and integrated on platform messaging.

This deep, two-way integration allows recruitment teams to include assessment tasks directly onto the job vacancy, creating a more seamless process for both candidates and recruitment teams. 

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