Live Talent Pools (Alpha): swimming in the recruitment fast lane.

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Jan 09, 2017

Up until now, companies would fervently mumble about talent pools or talent pipelines for their high volume or critical roles in their business. In reality though, they were not much more than tags in a stale applicant database, or lines in a spreadsheet, and maintaining any sense of “freshness” to these pools and pipelines required lots of time, resources and expense.

Then along came LiveHire, removing the need to manually keep talent data and availability fresh, by flipping those stale applicant databases into constantly updating Live Talent Communities of candidates, making proactive hiring of talent for 100% of open roles possible, not just the critical roles.

Check out this case study on the leading civil construction company Ertech; who reduced their time to hire from 28 days to 9, and 12 month retention of hires from 38% to 98% through Talent Pooling.

Today, your Live Talent Community platform takes one huge leap forward, with Artificial Intelligence, to help you setup, organise, and evolve your Live Talent Community into Live Talent Pools for every role in your organisation, effectively bringing your future org chart to life in stunning clarity and visualisation.

No more 68 days average time to hire, no more angry hiring managers, no more arduous processing of hundreds of job applicants, no more having to accept lower quality hires than you would have liked, and no more rejection of candidates (consumers) from your brand.

Everyone loves a pool party right? So let’s jump right in because this latest feature release is creating a bit of a splash.


Creating your Talent Pools

LiveHire Talent Pools for every role in your organisation

A Talent Pool is typically created for every unique role that exists in your business.

There are three important aspects to setting up your Live Talent Pools;

1. Adding collaborators, 2. Setting your target Talent Pools size, and 3. Establishing the initial filters for suggested talent matches.

1. Collaborators

Collaborators are people inside your business that are interested to know when new quality talent join your Talent Community that may be perfect for the Talent Pools they follow. Collaborators can be people in your recruitment team that recruit from these specific Talent Pools, or the hiring managers that constantly hire these roles, or even the people working within that area of the business. The collaborators feature helps to spread engagement with talent to the broader business, enhancing the productivity, focus and importance of quality talent acquisition (as it should be!).

2. Target Talent Pool Size

By knowing how many hires you forecast per year in this particular role, LiveHire will tell you how many profiles you ideally need in a Talent Pool for this role. You can edit this yourself or simply take our complex formula that may or may not have the essence of Nostradamus within its intricate code. Regardless, this will set the target for your Talent Pool. In future releases, you will also be able to set targets for Diversity within the Talent Pools…

Yeah you read that right…

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3. Talent Pool Filters

There are a range of initial filters you can apply, from talent having certain specialties on their profile, to recent role titles, location, work type preferences, languages, industry experience and more. You can cast the net as wide or narrow as you like to get started.

Alright, foundations and formwork laid, let’s fill up the pool.


Talent Pools have Swim Lanes

LiveHire Talent Pool auto suggestions

Once created, your Talent Pool is divided into three swim lanes: Suggested, Pooled, and Ready.

LiveHire AI will instantly start to Suggest talent from your Talent Community that it feels should be in your Talent Pool. Collaborators can use the green tick or red cross in this left hand swim lane to accept or decline the suggestion. These actions are completely private to you, talent that have joined your Talent Community are not notified of the action. As new candidates continue to join your Talent Community, LiveHire will continue to suggest the right candidates to those Talent Pool collaborators.

You can also drag and drop candidates back and forth between swim lanes.

The Ready swim lane (right hand side) can be used for any reason you like. At LiveHire we use this lane to trigger the start of our interview process, which is online testing for particular attributes and abilities we value.

Warning: Talent Pooling is addictive. Make sure you practice safe Talent Pooling with your collaborators. 😉

Organising your Talent Pools


If you’re  now able to Talent Pool for your entire organisation, you’re going to need some structure my proactive friend.

Talent Pooling for your entire organisational chart

When creating Talent Pools, you can organise them into Groups and Projects.

Groups closely mirror your Organisational chart, so can be based on functional areas of your business (like engineering, finance, sales etc) or perhaps store locations. Groups allow you to visualise the organisational structure within your company and link Talent Pools to each group.

In the image above you will see the name of each Group on the left hand side of the card, and directly below, the names of the Talent Pools within that Group. To the right of each Group, the first number indicates the number of talent pools that are clustered within that group, the second number indicates how many people have been accepted into those Talent Pools by Collaborators. All parts of the Group card link to the respective areas for quick navigation.

Projects are all about planning ahead. Every company will find a different use for projects based on their hiring needs, but let’s take a look at a few ideas on how to best utilise projects:

  • New store openings: The store might not be ready, but the staff will need to be.
  • Projects to win: Impress your tender submissions with Talent Pools all ready to go for the entire project. Divide those Talent Pools into groups and then put them all in a client-specific project. Boom. You just landed another client by proving how proactive you are.
  • OKRs: Many leading businesses work with the Objectives Key Results framework. You may have teams that are accountable for particular objectives. Build a Project Talent Pool around your objectives.

Take your Talent Pools, Groups, and Projects and put them all together. What did we just make? An organisational structure. Mind blown yet?

Talent Pooling is simple and addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Note that Live Talent Pooling does not remove the need to recruit, it makes proactive sourcing easy, meaning you have more time to focus on the important part of recruitment. Convincing the talent that your company or client is the perfect career move for them. The human aspects of recruitment that are the most important. The fun parts.

What’s next?

The Live Talent Pooling product will continue to evolve in true agile fashion, taking on board feedback from all users, and will include continuous updates and new features relating to artificial intelligence, machine learning, collaboration, integration with career websites and EOIs, reminders and notifications.

Keep an eye on this space for more exciting releases coming to a Live Talent Community near you. As always, visit our help centre for more information on the new LiveHire features.

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