How did KJR get rid of the Excel spreadsheet & increase productivity with LiveHire?

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May 29, 2018

What was Rebekah Di Blasi’s, Former Head of Talent and Culture for KJR’s, first action as she sat down on her first day of strategic sourcing and hiring?

She opened an Excel spreadsheet.

An outdated, manually created, messy Excel spreadsheet.

Shocked? Actually, it’s more common than you think- ask any recruiter you know!

For many people in recruitment, Talent Pooling for proactive hiring becomes a job that relies solely on a spreadsheet and outdated information from a candidate who has likely gained new skills since applying with your business.

An Excel spreadsheet wasn’t going to cut it for Rebekah. Not only do they require extensive admin time, but the data in it is unreliable.

Knowing that KJR, a small, unique, technology-focused strategic advisory firm, needed an increase in productivity if they wanted to stay relevant and competitive, Rebekah decided to implement LiveHire.

As a transformative, technology-focused business, LiveHire seemed like the idea matching.

The proof is in the results. They showed that since implementation, KJR now has:

  1. Access to live Talent Pools of candidates 
    It’s important to emphasise the importance of ‘LIVE’ Talent Pools. On LiveHire, candidates profiles are up-to-date with skills, availability, and experience, not only does this improve productivity, but it also reduces the need for manual admin, saving KJR valuable time to focus on other aspects of the business.
  2. An improved Candidate Experience
    A positive Candidate Experience is much more important than you may think. A great candidate experience means that strong, authentic relationships will form between recruiters and the candidate, and these candidates generally make for more loyal employees. A positive candidate experience also does wonders for your organisations reputation. 39% of job seekers said they would stop using a company’s product or service after a bad candidate experience.
  3. Talent Community growth of 37% in four months through strategic sourcing 
    By having a strong Talent Community full of relevant, engaged and interested talent, the need for sourcing on job boards and other avenues will quickly become extinct.
  4. Decreased recruitment advertising spend by 75%
    By having access to their own Talent community, and the ability to Talent Pool candidates, the need to spend on recruitment advertising becomes small.

KJR has also maintained a 14 day time to hire with a reduction in HR resources.

See the full story here:

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